CSDS Celebrates 90 Years

CSDS was officially established in February, 1932.  That’s 90 short years ago.  CSDS is one of the largest affiliated members of the American Dahlia Society.  Our membership is steadily growing along with the increasing interest in dahlias across the United States.  Currently, we have close to 250 dahlia lovers.   


We have monthly meetings from October through April.  At each meeting we have a technical presentation that helps everyone grow a better dahlia.  During the other months, members host garden walks and we hold the Fall Show at the Chicago Botanic Garden. 


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Original CSDS gavel

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Photo Credits:

Dahlia border at San Francisco Botanic Garden, Sonia Harmon

CSDS gavel, Ted Magura

Natalie G dahlia, Sonia Harmon

Upcoming Events

January 8:  New Dahlia Varieties and Dahlia Classification Training

1:30 - 3:00 pm, Elk Grove Village Library

Marian and Jerry Landerholm will introduce new dahlia varieties and teach us all about the different sizes, forms, and colors of dahlias.