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Despite the weather, Covid, regulations and everything else that tried to get in our way, we grew dahlias and had fun!  Click here for proof.

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Hello to our fellow dahlia aficionados.


The shows are behind us, but the work continues. It's time to start thinking about putting our tubers to bed for the winter. Before that happens, they must be carefully removed from the ground or the containers in which they have been grown.


As depicted in this 1962 cover of the Central States Dahlia Society's annual publication The Dahlia (left), the surgical team is preparing to separate a "clump" for winter storage. This might seem a bit overplayed, but then again, maybe not.

Some newer introductions are relatively costly so precise and careful dividing is the order of the day.

We hope you've enjoyed your dahlias this year and we also hope you are looking forward to an even better garden in 2022.


From your friends at Central States Dahlia Society, we wish the best autumn possible!

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