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Thanks to all the members who made our 2021 dahlia plant fund raiser a great success. To our newest members we extend a hearty welcome!  We encourage you to enjoy the rewards of being a Central States Dahlia Society member by participating in our meetings, and by being a part of our spectacular annual show and other fun and educational events going forward.

From the front cover of our Spring 1954 publication, we see our gardening friend preparing to plant his dahlias. The sun is shining down and greeting him as he is about to embark on the garden.

Many dahlia lovers plant their gardens early. That's fine but keep in mind that dahlias planted somewhat later will bloom towards fall when the weather is cooler. You won't be 

disappointed by the performance of dahliasplanted in late spring.  Your friends at Central States Dahlia Society wish you the greatest success with all your gardening endeavors this growing season…. Good Luck and  Happy Gardening!

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