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Growing Beautiful Dahlias​

March 2024: Waking Up Tubers and Taking Cuttings

Grow Dahlias in 2024 - video by Sue Fitzgerald

March 2023: Ask the Experts CSDS Panel Q&A

Heinz Piniak Handouts "All the Dirt on Dirt" 4/16/2023

Sterilization Bucket  by Randy Foith

Timeline for Waking Tubers  by Sonia Harmon

ADS Dahlia University - explore a wide variety of resources covering every aspect of growing dahlias

Dahlia videos by Kristine Albrecht of Santa Cruz Dahlias, top dahlia hybridizer and grower in California

Exhibiting in a Dahlia Show
Entering Dahlias in CSDS Show video by Sue Fitzgerald

Timing Your Blooms for Fall Shows  based on model by John Thiermann

Tips for Showing Dahlias Infographic  by Vida Wu

ADS Cream of the Crop - cultivars winning the most awards in dahlia shows in the US and Canada by year 

ADS Online Classification Guide - tool to search by variety name or by characteristics

Disease in Dahlias

Dahlia Gall Basics by Cathrine Featherby

How Virus Affects Dahlia Foliage by Professor Hanu Pappu

Virus in Dahlias (video)  by Professor Hanu Pappu (video presentation to Minnesota Dahlia Society)

Virus in Dahlias - Be Part of the Solution by ADS / WSU
Understanding Virus in Dahlia by ADS
Virus Documentation Index by ADS
Pests and Diseases of Dahlias by University of California Integrated Pest Management Program
Dahlia Nutrient Disorders (video)  by Professor Brian Whipker (recommended by Professor Hanu Pappu)
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