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January 8:  New Dahlia Varieties

Marian and Jerry Landerholm will introduce new dahlia varieties and teach us all about the different sizes, forms, and colors of dahlias.


February 12:  Return of the Tuber Auction

You won’t want to miss this exciting auction of up to 50 highly prized dahlia tubers contributed by your fellow CSDS members. Led by Auctioneer Jim Kassner, it’s sure to be a raucous time.


March 12:  Ask the Experts

Our expert panel will answer all your questions about growing dahlias.

April 16*:  All the Dirt on Dirt  (*note date change)

Heinz Piniak, CSDS and Southtown member, will tell us how to prepare our dahlia beds so we have healthy, strong plants with lots of beautiful blooms.

May 6 and 7:  CSDS Annual Dahlia Sale

Location:  Chicago Botanic Garden. Set-up date is Friday, May 5. Online sale begins May 9.    


June 3:  Midwest Dahlia Conference Spring Meeting and Plant Auction

Location:  Elkhart, IN


June, July, and August

Growing season. NO MONTHLY MEETINGS. Garden Walks to be arranged.


August 24 - 29:  American Dahlia Society’s Annual National Show

Location:  Portland, OR

The 2023 show will be hosted by the Portland Dahlia Society.


September 2 and 3:  Southtown Dahlia Club Annual Show

Location: NEW Crestwood Civic Center, 13820 S. Cicero, Crestwood, IL


September 8 – 10:  Midwest Conference Annual Show

Location:  7600 Grand Ave, Pittsburgh, PA. Hosted by the Greater Pittsburgh Dahlia Society.


September 16 and 17:  CSDS Annual Dahlia Show

Location:  Chicago Botanic Garden. Set-up dates are Thursday and Friday, September 14 and 15.

October 8:  Digging, Dividing, and Storing Dahlias for Winter

Everything you need to know about digging up your tubers and how to clean, divide and store your tubers for the winter.


November 12:  Annual Holiday Party

Election of officers and CSDS’s annual holiday party.


November TBD:  Annual Awards Banquet

Annual awards banquet celebrating award winners from CSDS Dahlia Show. Location TBA.


December:  No Meeting


All monthly meetings will be held at Elk Grove Village Public Library and will begin at 1:30 pm unless otherwise noted. Refer to newsletter to see if Zoom will also be available.

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