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Online Plant Sale

Welcome to the 2020 Online Plant Sale

The ordering process will work best from a desktop/laptop device.  Here's how the sale will work:

  1. Check the Catalog to see what is available.

  2. From a desktop/laptop device download the order form by clicking on the red link above and saving the file to your device (use the download/save icon in the pdf toolbar, CNTRL S, or File>Save from the menu bar).  Then do one of the following (a, b, or c):

    (a)  If you are on a desktop/laptop computer, this file is a fill-able pdf file.  Open the file on your device (not from within the website) and type your information into the blue boxes by clicking on each blue box as needed.  Then save the file again, and attach it to an email for step 3.

    (b)  Print the form, hand write your information and scan the form back into your system for attachment to the email in step 3.

    (c)  Print the form, hand write your information, take a picture with your phone/tablet and email per step 3.

    If you must use a tablet or phone, click the red link above, choose a reader/viewer.  Print the order, hand write your information, take a picture with your device and email per step 3.  


  3. Email the form to by May 18.

  4. Provide us with your payment information when we call.  You can pay by check, credit card (preferred) or Venmo.  Be sure your contact information is correct and clear on your order form.

  5. Pick up your order May 23rd at the curbside, contact-less location of your choice.  (See order form for choices.)


Thanks for your order!

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